What Does your scar look like? A hole? Bit deep? Little yellowish? Or is it like the last time you thought "not this time"?

Deep down Don't all our scars look the same? The same blood, same wound?

No I would not tell you that things happen for a reason or you needed this to grow

up. You did not, neither did I. But the fact is Everytime you stepped in, you secretly whispered " not this time" and whooof... You were wrong Again!

The first time you were bullied for your body hair in class, the first time the boy was mocked for not having body hair at puberty or the time when after falling down for the 5th time and gearing up for the 6th; everytime you secretly hoped, "this is the last time, not again" and we all were proved wrong.

It pulls you down again, to the spot which was never "your favourite one".

Don't all of our scars look the same? Deep down Don't the scars smell of the same rotten yet "fresh like a flower " memories?

But I will tell you something, you clearly did not deserve it nor did you need it but now that you have it, what is it that you cover the wound with?

The immense kindness that you carry, the Resilience you ooze, the faith you hold on to. Everytime another wall blocks your way or the bridge falls apart you realize how beautiful you are, how sublime your kindness makes you look that everytime you stand up it’s not your figure I notice neither your hair nor your skin, it’s the way you shine with your courage, opinions, kindness and optimism that steals the show.

It is That keeps me sleepless at nights, it is that leaves you sparkling in the rain soaked woods.

If The World was Blind How many people would you impress?